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Further Outlook Ministries

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Further Outlook - Ministry

Further Outlook is engaged in three inter -related areas of ministry, as detailed in the vision statement.

A - Outer Circle  -   B - One Step Beyond -   C - Centre Forward

A  - Outer Circle “Outer Circle” is working out the connectedness of individuals and people groups that would not normally be attracted to Church meetings.  It is about our involvement in ministry to the poor.

 It is a further development on the great vision of the Black Country Food Bank and other local community initiatives.  As well as ministering to their physical hunger it is also about responding to their spiritual search!  Outer Circle at present supports: Food Bank - Pastoral Support and Care - Economic Migrant Families and

Individuals  - Spiritual and Practical assistance.

B - One Step Beyond  “One Step Beyond” describes the vision of initiating Christian lifestyle programmes relevant to people that are beyond the Church.  Building from the successful pilot of Christian Twelve Steps groups hosted by Chawn Hill Church, Stourbridge, new initiatives are to be established in geographical locations of known high social need.  A group in Highfields, Halesowen has started, and it is possible a group in Brierley Hill will be pioneered early in the near future.  Additionally, Bible study discussion groups have been successfully launched in recent months, running themes such as “Battlefield of the Mind”, based on the Joyce Meyer book of that name, and “Truth and Freedom” which examines the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in depth.  “One Step Beyond” currently embraces:

· Twelve Step Groups and Recovery Programmes

· Personal Support of those at Risk

· Healing and Prayer Ministry – Referral Options

C - Centre Forward “Centre Forward” involves “releasing acceleration” for key projects and community initiatives.  Intercessory prayer is a vital key to “unlocking those things that have long since been locked up”.

 The words in italics refer to those of Martin Scott – see above. “Centre Forward” involves:

Consultancy work and prayer for (and in) specific locations to “kick start” dreams as yet unfulfilled, bringing God’s vision into reality.

· Developing key relationships, creating and cultivating an environment of mission, home and abroad.